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On 14th July Energylandia celebrated two grand parties – the Park’s 7th anniversary and opening of new, 6th zone - the Aqualantis. The new zone amazes not only with its substantial size (its total surface is 6 hectares), but also with the water-themed atmosphere. The oceanic style straight from the sunken mythological city of Atlantis hid numerous attractions that guests celebrating the 7th anniversary had an opportunity to discover. One of the biggest treasures Aqualantis offers is the zone’s main rollercoaster – Abyssus. A 7-tonne machine that reaches up to 38 metres tall took all the willing visitors in a trip through maritime skies with speed up to 100 km/h. Although Abyssus is an exceptionally impressive Double Launch Coaster made from 90500 parts, it is not the only attaction hidden in depths of this aquatic realm. The Ekipa Light Explorers rollercoaster, or so-called boomerang, was also very popular. The 7th Energylandia anniversary was full of attractions, surprises and unique emotions related to another year in Park’s functioning.


Opening a 6th Energylandia zone is nothing more than expanding place for entertainment with significant space counting 6 hectares. Now, the Amusement Park in Zator has 43 hectares of surface. The new zone also means new attractions although there is plenty of those in the Energylandia. Now visitors have 10 more attractions at their disposal adding up to 105 in total. Among them are 3 rollercoasters, which there are now 18 in total in the whole Park! Fans of extreme rides will love Abyssus, while people enjoying spending time with family will be pleased with Ekipa Light Explorers. The Park did not forget about its youngest guests and therefore Aqualantis has also attractions for children from the age of 2. Currently, Energylandia has 23 such objects.

As a place for entertainment, Aqualantis also has locations to rest and regenerate strength. The new zone has 8 new catering points. The Park did not forget about souvenirs and necessary commodities and placed 3 new dedicated shops in the zone, thus increasing their total number to 25. The first stationary shop, which allowed to purchase the selected “Ekipa wears this” collection, was especially popular. In this shop guests can buy unique T-shirts, blouses, mugs, and other gadgets created by YouTube celebrities. However, this is not the end of partnership with Ekipa! On the website, you can buy a collectible copy of Ekipa and Energylandia Coaster Box containing a limited Aqualantis-themed goodies.


Most certainly, the opening of Aqualantis zone occurring on the 7th anniversary of opening Energylandia was the main event of the 2021 season. The already impressive Park surface has been significantly expanded and enriched with brand new attractions. Abyssus and Ekipa Light Explorers have boosted the impressive number of rollercoasters. Abyssus not only perfectly fits the zone’s climate, but also impresses with innovation and solutions, which were not used until now in any other machine in Poland. The Aqualantis zone also has places to rest, as well as attractions dedicated to people with less extreme requirements, such as carousels or slides (now there is 23 of such attractions in the whole Park). Energylandia and the newest Aqualantis zone guarantee the high-quality fun for all guests!


Energylandia does not stand around idly and already organises another event! The Magic Night show will be held each Saturday throughout whole holiday period. The first event starts on 17th July and will last from morning to 11:00 PM! You cannot miss it!


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